Top Tips: Buying insurance for your motorhome, campervan or touring caravan

Campervan insurance

Lets face it – insurance is a ‘must have’ that everyone wants to tick of the list quickly and easily so you can get cracking doing what you really love… like planning your next adventure. The most important thing is that you have the right level of cover and a policy that’s the best value (not necessarily the cheapest) for you and trusty home from home – so here’s some advice from our experts…

Top tips for buying your motorhome, campervan or touring caravan insurance

  • Know your vehicle. Before you begin your policy search, it will pay to know as many details as possible – its value, age, condition, seat with belts, how many people it sleeps and details of any modifications or customisations that have been made – to ensure you have the right cover in place.
  • Know what you’re carrying. Having an appropriate level of contents cover in place can save you an awful lot of heartache – not to mention expense – in the event of a theft or accident. Be sure to mention any high-value single items – like TVs and laptops – to your insurer, as they may suggest individual cover for those.
  • Know your adventures. You need to be adequately and legally protected whenever and wherever you are on the road, so think about where you will be travelling and what you’ll use your motorhome for. Some insurers, for example, won’t cover your motorhome for use as a commuter vehicle, or when it is being rented out to somebody else.
  • Don’t forget your no claims bonus. Motorhome no claims can save you money, be sure to ask about that to ensure you get the best rates. Remember, you can’t duplicate your car no claims bonus, many insurers will only accept a second set demonstrating no claims for a motorhome vehicle.
  • Consider joining a club. Membership of a motorhome or caravan club can give you access to discounts on your insurance, so it might be worth joining up.
  • Declare any security devices. Something simple and cheap like a steering lock or window alarm could save you money on your premium. See our article, Safe as houses: How to keep your motorhome secure, for guidance on the different security devices you can use to protect your motorhome and bring down your premiums.
  • Cheap isn’t always best. Sure – you want great value, but as with everything, you get what you pay for. Take a look at some things to consider and check when pricing your insurance and comparing quotes.

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